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Looking after your leased vehicle - Part 3

Looking after your leased vehicle: What you need to know and do! Part 3: Essential maintenance & your responsibilities.

30/09/2021  Finance Products

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Getting more deals over the line for UK Car Dealerships

We shared a review only yesterday from a car dealership in Cheltenham who took the time out to praise how our online application and finance calculator have really helped their business move forward...

29/09/2021  Working with Jigsaw Finance

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Here is what another dealership had to say about us...

The amazing feedback keeps on coming in for our team at Jigsaw Finance...

28/09/2021  Dealer Reviews

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Read what this dealership had to say about Jigsaw Finance

Check out this feedback which has recently come into us from a car dealership based up in Scotland! For those who might not already know, we support car dealerships across the UK help their customers get finance and it's something we have been doing for the last 21 years...

24/09/2021  Dealer Reviews

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Looking after your leased vehicle - Part 2

Looking after your leased vehicle: What you need to know and do! Part 2: Choosing a garage for your service or repairs.

22/09/2021  Finance Products

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Looking after your leased vehicle - Part 1

Looking after your leased vehicle: What you need to know and do! Part 1: Ensure that the vehicle is serviced regularly

15/09/2021  Finance Products

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What you need to take out a personal lease on a vehicle

We often get asked "what information do I need to provide when applying for a personal lease?"...

30/06/2021  Finance Products

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You could be approved for finance within minutes

Many of our customers come to us in a hurry to get approval for finance as they don't want to lose out on their dream car. This is where our team really do exceed expectations. You could be approved for finance within minutes!

29/06/2021  Finance Products

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Excellent service

More and more customers are shouting about the service they have received from the team at Jigsaw Finance.

25/06/2021  Customer Reviews

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The simple process to leasing your next vehicle

Applying to lease a vehicle with Jigsaw Finance is much easier than you might think!

22/06/2021  Finance Products

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Giving you flexible rental profiles with leasing

At Jigsaw Finance we do everything we can to help get you into your perfect car. We have leasing deals ideal for those who may not have the upfront costs often associated with buying a car.

18/06/2021  Finance Products

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Claim back up to 50% of the VAT paid on monthly rentals

We have worked with many first-time business customers who were not aware they may be eligible to claim back up to 50% of the VAT paid on Business Contract Hire rentals!

15/06/2021  Finance Products

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Leasing solutions for those with a low credit score

Something that you might not know about Jigsaw Finance: We offer leasing solutions for those with a low credit score or that have been refused credit in the past.

11/06/2021  Finance Products

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This company was amazing from start to finish

We love reading reviews from our customers and this one left on our Trustpilot page demonstrates exactly what we are all about.

08/06/2021  Customer Reviews

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Get a brand-new car delivered to your door

How does driving around in a brand-new car, that’s been delivered to your door sound?

04/06/2021  Finance Products

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Need finance for a vehicle you would like to buy?

Already found a vehicle you would like to buy from a dealership but struggling to find a suitable finance option? We make the process of financing a vehicle easy.

01/06/2021  Finance Products

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Explaining finance and leasing options

Confused by the endless finance and leasing options? For most, the answer is yes. But fear not, you’re in safe hands with Jigsaw Finance. Our dedicated team always take the time to fully explain the finance products & agreements to make sure they are best suited to your needs.

21/05/2021  Finance Products

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Lease your next vehicle

Have you ever considered leasing your next vehicle or is your current lease up for renewal? Look no further than Jigsaw Finance who have 1000s of amazing deals and an expert team who are on hand to support you every step of the way.

18/05/2021  Finance Products

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Very straightforward - lovely people to deal with

Check out this excellent review our team have been left online at Trustpilot...

16/05/2021  Customer Reviews

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Delivering an exceptional service to our customers

Giving you 3 reasons to lease or finance your next vehicle through Jigsaw Finance...

14/05/2021  Customer Reviews

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