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Lender Customer Service Contact Information

If Jigsaw Finance have brokered vehicle finance for you and you are looking for information on payment holidays, etc, then you will need to contact your lender directly. For your convenience, here's a list of customer service contact numbers for many of the lenders that we work with.

30/03/2023  Useful Information

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Jigsaw Finance set the bar across the board

When a customer shares a review like this, you simply let their words do the talking...

12/04/2022  Customer Reviews

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Drivers could cut fuel costs by up to 69%

A recent report found that UK drivers could be set to save up to 69% of their annual fuel costs when making the switch from Petrol or Diesel vehicles to electric vehicles...

11/04/2022  Useful Information

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Looking to secure finance for your new motorbike?

We've been helping motorcyclists secure finance for as long as we can remember...

01/04/2022  Finance Products

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We make getting car finance for the first time very easy!

Are you looking to finance a car for the very first time? It can be a daunting experience for many, but this is where our team of experts can step in and help make your car buying journey as easy as possible.

28/03/2022  Customer Reviews

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Helping our Customers Secure Finance for Caravans and Motorhomes

Did you know that we help customers find finance options for motorhome and caravans?

23/03/2022  Finance Products

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More Customers Rating Jigsaw Finance Limited as Excellent

More customers rating us as excellent on Trustpilot...

16/03/2022  Customer Reviews

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Fuel Saving Tips to get Extra out of your Mileage

Fuel prices are once again on the up for all motorists, so today we wanted to share a few tips to get that extra bit of mileage out of your vehicle...

14/03/2022  Useful Information

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Ed Shared his Experience with Jigsaw Finance on Trustpilot

Making sure our customers receive an exceptional service is an absolute must, so when we read feedback like this, our entire team has a collective feeling of pride.

04/03/2022  Customer Reviews

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Top 5 Driving Myths - How Many Do You Know?

Today we wanted to explore many myths around driving on our roads. We've taken a few examples found online to share what is a myth and what's the truth…

03/03/2022  Useful Information

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Delivering results where other finance providers couldn't

Our team have been getting great results for our client's week in week out...

18/02/2022  Customer Reviews

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Assisting Businesses with Asset Refinance Solutions

Raise additional funds for your business by unlocking capital from existing assets such equipment, machinery or vehicles...

10/02/2022  Finance Products

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Supporting businesses with 'Hard Asset' Finance Solutions

Whether your business is wanting to acquire a new fleet of vehicles, machinery or equipment or upgrade your existing assets, we have a range of hard asset finance solutions to help...

09/02/2022  Finance Products

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Jigsaw Finance helped me when no other company would

Are you struggling to secure a finance deal on a new vehicle? Feeling like you have been left out in the cold with little or no options. We could help...

08/02/2022  Customer Reviews

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Top 10 Electric Vehicles as Sold in 2021

When many people talk about electric cars, they tend to think Tesla, but there are many fantastic electric vehicles out there available to suit all budgets...

04/02/2022  Useful Information

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Changes to the Highway Code

It has been widely publicised this week that there have been changes to the highway code, but what does this actually mean to drivers and what can they expect to see on the roads...

27/01/2022  Useful Information

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Making it easy for your customers to apply for finance

As we know, more and more car buyers are now wanting to get finance in place before starting their car buying journey, with this in mind, is your dealership making it easy for your customers to apply for finance online?

26/01/2022  Working with Jigsaw Finance

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Finance made easy!

Finance made easy - something we have demonstrated to our customers over the past 21 years. Take a look at what Julie thought about the service at Jigsaw...

21/01/2022  Customer Reviews

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Giving our dealerships customers a smoother customer journey!

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Jigsaw Finance is making sure your customers finance application process is as easy as possible...

19/01/2022  Working with Jigsaw Finance

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Get more deals over the line

Get more deals over the line quicker with the help from Jigsaw Finance. We've been supporting car dealers across the UK for over 21 years to get finance for their customers - and we can help you...

14/01/2022  Working with Jigsaw Finance

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