New Optimus Features

18/03/2020  Working with Jigsaw Finance All News

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New Optimus Features. 

We’ve updated our point-of-sale system, Optimus, so that it fully integrates with our operational processes. Dealers can now respond to requests for further information, upload proof documentation, and more closely follow the progress of a submitted finance application.

Here’s a summary of the new features:

Requests for Further Information 
Our underwriters are now able to communicate requests for further information through Optimus, which you will be able to respond to in-app.

Proof Document Requests 
We will also be able to communicate proof documents requests through Optimus and you will be able to upload the requested files in-app. 
In addition, if you are using Optimus on a mobile phone, tablet or a device that has a web cam, you will be able to capture proof document images in-app.

Agreement Document Downloads 
When wet-sign agreement documents are available for the customer to sign, you will now be able to download them through Optimus and upload the signed document all in-app.

Notification Emails 
So that you won’t need to keep checking Optimus for updates, our systems will send you an email notification that will tell you if a request is available for you to action.

If you’re interested in exploring this Optimus as an option to send Jigsaw Finance Limited applications for finance, then please call us on 01782 450 745 and ask for our Business Development team.

Whether you’re an independent dealer, a large dealer group, or an e-commerce concern, Jigsaw Finance Limited have a variety of technical solutions that will help you submit finance applications to us. Visit Working with Jigsaw Finance for more information.

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