Finance Assist at Jigsaw Finance


Jigsaw Finance's unique new remote deal-creating Business Manager service.

Not every customer can access finance easily and not every dealership has the resources time or expertise to provide the help required to every customer all of the time.

Finance Assist is on-call to do the 'heavy-lifting' when required.

Introducing Finance Assist

The new Remote Business Manager Service from Jigsaw Finance.

From non-prime to prime let Finance Assist, the new Remote Business Manager Service from Jigsaw Finance become part of our team and start selling more cars and delighting more customers.

We know and understand the time and frustrations that can surround financing a customer keen to buy their next car. It's why we developed Finance Assist giving you and your customers access to a wealth of finance expertise and products, right across the finance spectrum.

Finance Assist has all the consumer and business financing options you can imagine and a few more that can help drive those extra sales and convert interest into action. By way of example, how could: · Buy Now Pay Later · Exclusive Non-Prime PCP · Free 30-day Driveaway GAP · Near Prime PCP ... help you?

The Finance Assist Offer

  • Access to Jigsaw's Optimus online proposal system
  • A dedicated team of Remote Business Managers
  • Access to a wide range of products and risk appetites for private and business cusomters
  • Launch training and support

...or call us on 01782 450 745 and start closing those extra sales